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Enjoy Ekibiru,Ekinaka

About ekipara
Welcome to ekipara: JR-East's Station Shopping Centers "Ekibiru" and "Ekinaka".
This site introduces the "Ekibiru" and "Ekinaka" Shopping Centers, which can be found in major JR-East train stations.
It offers the latest information on about 8500 fashion, interior, gourmet and souvenir shops.
You can find shopping and dining as soon as you step out of the train station in "Ekibiru" such as LUMINE and atré.
You can also enjoy shopping and dining inside the train station in "Ekinaka" such as ecute.
You can go shopping as soon as you step off of the train.
Please try out the highly convenient shopping centers, "Ekibiru" and "Ekinaka".
Area Overview
This section offers information on the shops found in each area.
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